Clubs Week

September 19 – 20, 11AM – 3PMval
Main floor of the AMS Nest, across from Uppercase

Come visit our booth to learn more about UBC Women in Science, hear about our events, and sign up for a membership! Memberships are $5 if you like our Facebook page, $6 otherwise. The executive team looks forward to meeting you!




DesiChek (19)October 3rd, 6PM – 9PM
Abdul Ladha Science Student Centre

Come join us at our 2017-2018 kickoff event for the chance to meet like-minded students, connect with a mentor, and enjoy dinner and dessert. This event is mandatory for all members who wish to participate in this year’s mentorship program.

This event is 2$, and includes dinner.


Lunch and Learn

ICICS Logo White.png

Come enjoy a free lunch and an informative lecture session about relevant issues in Computer Science. You are encouraged to attend this event even if you are not a Computer Science student! There will be 2-3 mentors in the field present.





Professional Development Workshop


A workshop style event where we will go over some of the “soft skills” necessary in a profession, such as interview skills, resume writing, and professional image on social media.

We also have FREE PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOTS that you can use to boost your LinkedIn profile or for an awesome profile picture. Dinner will be provided. All genders welcome.



Mentor Check-In

January Mentors

A casual, fun event where you can chat with your mentor and connect with other students. Also a great opportunity to network with any mentors that you may have not been able to meet at our Meet-a-Mentor event!


Research Lab Tours



Get a chance to tour a research laboratory and learn about some of the research happening at UBC!

Last year we gave students the opportunity to visit various labs in the Centre for Brain Health, Computer Science Building, and the Life Science Center, including:

The Haas Lab (Neuroscience)

The Doudet Lab (Parkinsons)

The Cote Lab (HIV & Retroviral Therapy)

The Computer Vision Lab (Human Pose Estimation, Scene Parsing, etc.)

The SPIN Lab (Human Perception)

The Hammond Lab

Previous students have been able to secure a research position after attending WiS’ lab tours!



Career Panel Night


Irving K. Barber Library, Room 157

Come to Career Panel Night for a chance to hear from professionals about potential careers in your field. This a great chance to network and consider new areas of interest. Refreshments will be served.

Last year we had several panelists including Dr. Marcia Graves and Dr. Kathryn Zeiler, PhDs and BIOL340 instructors, a Masters student in Evolutionary Biology, a Masters in Pathology, a UBC Dentistry student, and a PhD in Genetics.




Extraordinary Women in Science Panel Discussion 



UBC Women in Science is collaborating with UBC’s Microbiology & Immunology Student Association to host a panel discussion that brings extraordinary women in science together for a fireside chat about what it means to be a successful woman in the science sector. Join us for a night of enriching conversations, valuable networking, and career exploration!

You will have an opportunity to listen to speakers from various fields and professions, including academia, industry, and medicine. You will also be able to network with them and ask any questions you may have. Plus, there’ll be free food involved!

Stay tuned as we announce our speakers!

WHO: Everyone is welcome!
WHAT: Panel discussion and networking event where you can hear from and connect with women in various science-related fields and professions (i.e. academia, industry and medicine).
WHY: Women do fantastic work in science, but can sometimes be underrepresented (and overrepresented in other aspects). By engaging in conversation about how that impacts their careers, we can appreciate the great work that women (and men) do for science!

Everyone is welcome to attend this event; we feel that it’s important to have this conversation from all kinds of perspectives. We hope to see you there!


Annual General Meeting [Executive Elections] & Year-End Celebration


year end celeb

Come listen to candidates for the executive positions of

VP Administration and Treasurer!

This is also your chance to become more involved with WiS as an executive member. We will be hosting our Year-End celebration featuring food, drinkderp.jpgs, and cake!


Membership is 5$. If you are interested in applying to become one of these executive positions, please click the “Get Involved” tab.


Mentor Check-In (2)

Meet the Team

This event is exclusive to mentors and mentees paired at our October Meet-a-Mentor event this academic year. Mentors and Mentees will have a chance to check-in, provide anonymous feedback, and network with other mentors and mentees. Light refreshments will be provided!




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