The UBC Women in Science Mentoring Program is available to all Science female undergraduate students in all years of study in all departments. It provides a chance for students to connect with industry professionals who can provide advice and guidance in many areas. Throughout the academic year, students and mentors will have the opportunity to attend networking events, meet other like-minded students, and establish invaluable connections throughout their time in UBC Science and beyond.

Members of the UBC Women in Science Club have the opportunity to apply and be matched with a female Science academic, industry, or healthcare professional. These relationships will last through the academic year (September to March) and include commitments and responsibilities on the part of the mentor and mentee, including availability by phone and email, and willingness to meet three times over the course of the academic year.

We do our best to make matches based on preference(s) indicated in the application forms of both the mentor and student mentees. Matches are not always made based on program of study or interest, although we strive to find common area of interest.  See our pages below for more information!

WiS will also be hosting events around campus throughout the year that any female science undergraduate student can attend. Check out the events page featured on our site for details. You can also email us at to stay connected, regarding any mentorship questions, or like our Facebook page!

Please note: If you are a female Computer Science student, please refer to your Department’s Tri-Mentoring Program here.



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