Students have the opportunity to apply to be matched with a female Science industry professional or simply participate in the numerous events WIS will host throughout the year. To enter into a relationship, students must become members of the UBC Women In Science Club at a charge of $5. Students who are not part of the mentorship program can attend our events and develop various other skills through club involvement, such as event planning and content writing for our newsletter. Membership is not required to attend the open events WIS will host on campus.

Why  join the UBC Women In Science Mentoring Program?

  • Establish a support network within the professional community that can be noted on your resume
  • Explore career options and how your degree can be molded to fit your career aspirations.
  • Learn how to create and meet career-related goals and how to build professional relationships.
  • Learn about the mentoring process and expectations, roles, and responsibilities of being a mentee

What’s expected of you?

  • Meet with your mentor at least three times over the course of the academic year (September- April)
  • Attend two WIS events, including mandatory attendance at the Kickoff Event in September
  • Be available by phone or email to your mentor
  • Complete entrance, progress, and exit surveys to keep the WIS team updated on your satisfaction with the program
  • Agree to and abide by the Mentoring Agreement and Code of Conduct, which you sign when you enter a Mentor- Mentee Relationship

Mentee Resources

Mentee Application Form 2018-2019 – Coming Soon!

Mentor and Mentee Handbook 2018-2019



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